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Anonymous asked - "Best books you've read about fashion industry / design? I'm 14, but eventually want to do something along the lines of what you do."

To be honest I was never (and still am not) much of a “reader.” I look at everything, some words, some visual, some neither - but I always have a point a view on whatever it is I’m looking at. 

Anonymous asked - "LOVE your blog. You haven't posted in awhile!"

Been busy! Thanks for the reminder. Lol. 

Anonymous asked - "favorite pair of formal shoes?"

I actually always find a way to talk myself out of them. So I guess my favorite does not exist to me yet. 

Anonymous asked - "what shoes do you currently have in you rotation??"

I keep it pretty basic: Vans Authentics, Sk8-Hi’s, Old Skools… Flyknits… Chucks…